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About Håkan

About Håkan

HÅKAN DEC 2014 V5Håkan’s writing really started many years ago when he was asked to write the lyrics to some songs for his friend Indra’s upcoming album (France, 2006). After a year or so of various song writing, he decided to try to write a novel.

Another few years down the line and several working titles later, “Shaving a Zebra” started to take shape. In the meantime, he had also written some twenty odd short stories at the writers’ site Kapitel1 (Chapter 1). Some of them did very well in the site’s short story contests. After the publication of the anthology Vildsint Gryning, where his “heroine” Ann-Sofi Munter first met her audience, several of the short stories have been published (in Swedish) with Hoi Publishing.

”Shaving a Zebra” is a relationship thriller. The story is a mix from own experiences and pure fiction. Two couples are breaking up, a man and a woman in Paris, two guys in Gothenburg in Sweden. One question that lingers like a shadow over one couple is that about having a child. What do you do if one person really wants to be a parent, so desperately that it is impossible to think about anything else, and the partner just as obstinately refuses, for just as good a reason? And even if they were to agree on extending the family, how do they go about it if the couple consists of two men?

The sequel, which is under intensive work, will be called ”Moscow Baby”. If “Shaving a Zebra” is a stand-alone story, with a beginning and an end, it can also be seen as the preamble to “Moscow baby”, where things are taken to another level in more ways than one …